Tree Hugging

I’m a tree hugger. Not in the politically active, tie dye, Birkenstock way…although I resemble that remark.

I mean arms around the trunk face pressed against the bark kind of tree hugging.

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase before, but have you ever taken the time to really hug a tree? Although some trees, like people, are more huggable than others, they all enjoy a hug now and then.

Benefits of tree hugging:

• Helps you feel grounded
• Can heal deep emotional wounds
• Connects you to Mother Earth and the energies of the Universe
• Open and clear your heart chakra
• Tap into ancient and ancestral memories

So how do you know which tree to hug? It is quite simple really. Walk around an area that has trees until you feel comfortable in their presence. Feel the texture of the bark and take in the aroma of the wood. Breathe deeply and feel the energy of the trees until you feel one that is calling to you. Hug that tree.

While hugging a tree may seem straightforward there are different types of tree hugs.

  1. Vertical Tree Hug: Encircle it with your arms while gently pressing your cheek to the trunk. Squeeze tightly.
  2. Full Body Tree Hug: Sit on the ground wrapping your legs around the base of the tree and at the same time embracing it with your arms.
  3. Up in the Air Tree Hug: Climb a tree. Sit upon a strong limb and straddle it with your legs. Bend forward and place your belly against the branch while wrapping your arms around it.

Once you have connected with your chosen tree breathe deeply and allow yourself to be very present. Can you feel the energy flowing through the tree? Is the tree displaying any emotion? I once hugged and ancient tree at a monastery in North Carolina and as soon as I touched it I could feel it laughing. Not what I expected from an ancient tree but I guess if you look at humans from a tree perspective we are probably very comical.

Feel free to hug more than one tree! There is no limit to how much you can gain from being a habitual tree hugger. No trees handy? Hug a houseplant….just don’t squeeze the pot

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