Imagine what would be possible if a woman in midlife felt confident in her natural body, knew she was enough, trusted her intuition & was empowered to live her truth.

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Trust Your Intuition

    Congratulations You Made It!

    You’ve arrived at midlife. You knew it was coming but you didn’t really think about it. Now here you are.

    It’s not really so bad. You’ve learned to think for yourself and have had enough experiences to know that you don’t know everything.

    You’ve also realized that it’s time you made yourself a priority.

    No more apologies. No more putting it off.

    You spent so much time and energy taking care of others now it’s YOUR turn.

    Imagine waking up each day feeling energized and excited about your day.
    Imagine nourishing your body with delicious foods that you love and that love you.
    Imagine having a wealth of tools, support and self-care rituals that you can rely on when life gets overwhelming.

    Hi, I’m Dr. Melanie Dunlap

    I help women in midlife, just like you (and me) give up overwhelm, learn to trust your intuition, and feel better in your body, so you can stress less, love yourself, and feel alive again.

    I’ve long heard the call to be a healer. A simple herbal workshop started my journey into natural health. I became a master herbalist, got into energy work, massage therapy, cancer coaching and a few other modalities, until I worked my way to a Doctor of Naturopathy degree.

    My greatest joy comes from helping women believe in themselves.

    Meet Dr. Melanie

    What is Wellness Coaching?

    “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

    -Mary Oliver
    Wellness Coaching IS:
    • Driven by YOUR goals and desires
    • Supportive
    • Holistic: focused on the whole you
    • A two-way relationship between coach and client
    • Tailored to meet your needs
    Wellness Coaching IS NOT:
    • Prescriptive
    • Medical advice or therapy
    • Focused solely on nutrition or fitness
    • Being told what to do
    • One size fits all

    How Wellness Coaching Can Help You

    Do any of the following challenges resonate with you?

    • You value good health and personal growth but find it difficult to eat perfect and maintain a
      guru-like meditation practice.
    • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to have energy again.
    • You need help managing stress and finding effective methods for coping.
    • You have specific health concerns that require lifestyle changes.
    • You would like to be inspired and empowered in a way that fits your busy lifestyle.
    • You want tools to create a more meaningful and balanced life.
    • You want to make healthy choices for your body, mind and spirit.
    Book A Discovery Call

    Implementing lifestyle and health behavior changes is hard. We are often oblivious to the small habits, routines and rituals that are no longer serving us. Our stress level is high, and we forget to celebrate our triumphs.

    It’s really difficult tackling change on your own AND you shouldn’t have to.

    It’s OK to need help.

    I will provide the support and structure to help you reach your best health and well-being. I will ask questions and encourage you to arrive at your own answers. I will provide advice and direction.

    You can expect safe, open and honest dialogue – and permission to focus on YOU and how you feel and function.

    Your needs are important.

    Your health is important.

    Your well-being is important.

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