Life Has Gotten VERY Complicated

When it comes to your health and wellness it’s easy to get confused when there is so much conflicting information and misleading content online.

It’s not as simple as Googling “what is self-care” or “how to lower my stress level”.

Maybe that works for some people, but not most. Just because you can easily find the information, doesn’t mean it’s easy to implement.

It’s really difficult tackling change on your own AND you don’t have to.

Depending on your wants and needs, here are some things we might work on together:

  • Personal Health: Discover the best lifestyle for your body. Address concerns such as heathy eating and weight management, lack of energy, hormonal issues, sleep, chronic pain and menopause.
  • Stress and Energy Management: Assess your energy level and learn how to manage your energy so you can live your life less scattered and exhausted.
  • Self Confidence: Uncover the thoughts and feelings that cause you to doubt yourself and diminish your light.
  • Happiness: You were created to be happy. Explore the areas of your life that leave you feeling happy and the ones that don’t.
  • Mindfulness: Calm your mind. Create practices that help you be present and enjoy life to its fullest.
  • Discovering Your Gifts: Find your passion, purpose and unique gifts that only you can share.
  • YOUR specific challenge

If you are serious about experiencing the best moments of your life; if you are ready to think deeply, act powerfully and be healthy then wellness coaching is for you.

If you’re not ready to invest fully, including your willingness to change, that’s totally okay. Wellness coaching does require deep personal work, so the time has to be right.

But if you are genuinely excited about the idea of making lasting change and true transformation in your life and are ready to receive support, encouragement, accountability and inspiration then let’s get started.

4 Week Group Wellness Coaching

This program is part support group, part sister circle and part coaching.

Designed to give you a wellness experience that not only addresses your personal needs but provides you with an opportunity to connect with women on similar paths.

The goals may be different, but the need to explore deeper motivations, overcome self-doubt and navigate blockages are all a part of the same process.

Our paths may be different, but we are all on a journey to wellness. This time though, you are not traveling alone.

Make lasting change and lifelong friends.


  • Convenient online format
  • Highly Supportive
  • Shared Wisdom of the Group
  • Sense of Community & Belonging
  • Immense Value
  • Affordable Pricing

What’s Included

4 Week Class Includes:

  • 4 Weekly, 60 Minute Coaching Sessions (via video conferencing)
    • 1. Find Yourself
    • 2. Get Focused
    • 3. Set Your Intention
    • 4. Make It Real
  • Weekly assignments
  • Wellness Workbook
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Spotlight Individual Coaching
  • Exclusive Offers

What to Expect

Each week we’ll focus on one topic. You’ll have an exploratory assignment to help you prepare.

We’ll start class with teaching around our weekly topic then break into small groups where you will each have an opportunity to explore your personal goals and challenges with your peers.

Then we’ll come back to the main room for a group discussion.

Coaching takes place on both an individual and group level. Coaching is valuable for both the person being coached and those observing.

The magic of group coaching is the learning and growing that happens as a group. Sharing experiences with like-minded women on a deep level is truly inspiring.

Private Wellness Coaching
Online or In Person

Wellness Coaching Single Session

2 Hour Single Session
One Transformative Conversation

This 2-hour session is perfect for those times when you need someone supportive to listen and focus on what you need. Part brainstorming, part coaching, part planning and ALL about you.

Yes! This is exactly what I need. I’m in!


  • Online or In Person
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Concentrated Coaching
  • Creative Problem Solving

Wellness Coaching 90 Day Program

90 Day Wellness Program
A Transformational Journey to Wellness

This is the ultimate wellness experience. I created this signature program for women in midlife that are ready to make lasting change and true transformation for their health and well-being.

This program is for women who:

  • Want to transform destructive self talk and doubt into powerful energy for change.
  • Are ready to make healthy choices for their body, mind and spirit.
  • Want to consciously create their own life.
  • Want to develop lasting self-care rituals and habits.
  • Know there is more and are ready to invest in themselves.

In this 90-day program we’ll discover what YOU need to start living an energized and balanced life. This is a HOLISTIC approach to lifestyle change. A chance to replace discouragement and self-doubt with confidence, new habits and actions that get you healthier!

Offered at three different levels of support so you can get exactly what you need to be successful.

Level 1


Sweet & Simple

You’ve got this. All you need is a little guidance, a little structure and some accountability.

  • Practice Better Online Platform
  • Groundwork Session
  • Biweekly Coaching Sessions
  • 10% discount on supplements

Learn More About Level 1

Level 2


Highly Supportive

You’ve still got this, but you could use a little more support. Extra tools lead to faster results.

  • Practice Better Online Platform
  • Groundwork Session
  • Biweekly Coaching Sessions
  • 10% discount on supplements
  • Online Lifestyle Journal
  • Wellness Toolkit
  • Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions

Learn More About Level 2

Level 3


Most Effective

You’re ready to pursue your goals and get some stuff done. More support than ever to help you make those challenging lifestyle changes and reach your wellness goals.

  • Practice Better Online Platform
  • Groundwork Session
  • Biweekly Coaching Sessions
  • 10% discount on supplements
  • Online Lifestyle Journal
  • Wellness Toolkit
  • Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions
  • Raise Your Vibration Kickstart Program
  • Personalized Self Care Strategy PlanTM
  • Four-week Meal Plan
  • Custom Herbal Tea Blend

Learn More About Level 3

All levels of support include:

  • Newsletters with wellness tips and advice
  • Access to special events, webinars and group workshops


Ready to take control of your health and well-being?
Ready to make a commitment to yourself?
Ready to wake up feeling energized and excited about your day?


Don’t let another year – or more – go by wishing things would change.

If you are serious about experiencing the best moments of your life; if you are ready to think deeply, act powerfully and be healthy then now is the time!

You are worth the time, the money and the effort.

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”.
~Anais Nin

Holistic Surgery Support

You try to eat right and listen to your body.

You know you have stress, and you try to minimize it.

You recognize the importance of integrating mind, body and spirit.

But despite your best efforts something has come up that requires surgery or medical intervention.

You feel a bit of nervousness. You do your research and empower yourself with knowledge about your medical issue. You get a second opinion, making sure this is the best option for you.

You feel confident in your medical professionals and agree to the procedure.

Now what?

Holistic Surgery Support is designed to give you the best possible outcome for any medical procedure or surgery. Integrative therapies are used to enhance your immune system, reduce your stress and anxiety, focus on positive outcomes and speed the healing process.

Compatible with any medical procedure, Holistic Surgery Support has no dangerous side effects and supports your body’s own natural healing process.

Techniques are included in this program to help you alleviate anxiety and feel empowered before, during and after surgery. You will be an active participant in your own well-being and have holistic tools to help you prevent recurrence and sustain ongoing health and healing. You will also need a support network of family and friends to help along the path to wellness. This program includes instructions for caregivers, focusing everyone on your recovery.

Holistic Surgery Support includes:

  • 1 – 60 minute phone or video session with Dr. Melanie prior to your procedure
  • Distance energy during your procedure to support you and your surgical team
  • 1 – 60 minute phone or video session with Dr. Melanie after your procedure
  • Instructions for caregiver
  • Rescue Remedy flower essence
  • Lavender aromatherapy spray
  • Email support as necessary for 30 days
$329 for 30 days of support

Yes I’m ready. Sign me up!

Together we will give you the best possible outcome!

Why Cancer Coaching

Everyone knows someone with cancer.
It may be a family member, coworker, friend or even you.

In this case it was me, my husband, my best friend’s mother, and too many of my friends to count on one hand. While we had different cancers, treatments and outcomes, it was obvious there was more to our healing than just surgery, chemo, radiation and drugs.

True healing happens with coaching.

How Cancer Coaching Helps

With a cancer diagnosis comes an endless list of medical doctors that you must see.

Those doctors are focused on your disease. They run tests, schedule procedures and tell you what they think the cancer is doing.

When you work with me as your cancer coach, the focus is on you…the whole you.

Working together helps you:

  • Navigate an overwhelming diagnosis
  • Explore your options in conventional medicine and complementary therapies
  • Express your ups and downs in a safe environment
  • Choose the right doctors for your specific needs
  • Upgrade your diet and lifestyle for optimum health
  • Cope with treatments and side effects
  • Manage stress and integrate mindfulness
  • Rebuild health and wellness after treatment

A safe space to explore all your options, Dr. Melanie Dunlap will help you create a personal plan for healing.
She offers support for those currently in treatment, for survivors and caregivers.

When You Need A Cancer Coach

No matter how you slice it….cancer treatment is hard.

It is physically demanding and emotionally overwhelming. Making treatment decisions, managing personal relationships and planning for recovery depletes your energy.

You can do this, but you don’t have to do it alone. Here’s when a cancer coach can help you:

The Call

Hearing a cancer diagnosis is scary. For just a moment everything stops. You stop breathing, you can’t think, and you don’t hear the next few words that come out of the doctor’s mouth. When that moment ends you know that life has changed forever.

Blending years of formal training with personal experience Dr. Melanie will give you real life strategies for navigating the journey to come.

On The Trip

You’re currently in treatment for your cancer, you need knowledgeable support and someone to translate medical jargon into something you can understand. You want to be holistic in your treatment, but you need help to separate fact from fiction when it comes to alternative and complementary therapies. You know there are natural ways to treat some of your side effects, but you don’t have the energy to figure them out on your own.

A session with Dr. Melanie leaves you feeling calmer, more knowledgeable and with action steps that support your healing.

Coming Back

You’ve reached the end of conventional treatment, alive but battered. The frenzy has died down, but you still aren’t yourself. You’re left wondering what happens next.

Now is the time to get your health and wellness back on track. Working with Dr. Melanie can help you manage the residual side effects of treatment and begin the journey to nourish and rebuild your body.

Online Private Cancer Coaching

Practice Better Online Platform
2 – Biweekly Coaching Sessions per month
10% discount on supplements

$197 per month
(two month minimum)

Yes I’m ready for support on my cancer journey!

Have you read this far and still don’t know exactly what you need? Let’s get on a discovery call and see if I’m your coach. You can ask me anything.

Want to know my story? Just ask.
Want to know how I can help you? Just ask.
Want to know if now is YOUR time? That’s simple….


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