Mindful Eating

Would you like to reduce overeating, get help with weight loss and reduce your risk of diabetes? Would you like it to be simple?

Try mindful eating.

Mindful eating is allowing yourself to be aware and nurtured by the food you are eating. By following your own inner wisdom you begin to nourish yourself with foods that are good for you and learn your body’s cues for when you are hungry and when you are full. No longer do you just wolf down whatever is in front of you.

When we eat mindfully we make better choices. If you were really tuned in and paying attention to your food would you still choose junk food? Or would you make a different choice? Those choices change our relationship with food and our risk for disease.

You are what you eat….and how you eat it.

The first step in mindful eating is to slow down. Really look at what is on your plate, smell it and taste each bite. Chew your food slowly and completely. Good digestion begins in the mouth with proper chewing and when we digest our food better we absorb more of the nutrients we need for good health.

A survey of 2000 people showed that the average person spent just 23 minutes a day eating. Of those surveyed 73% reported digestive difficulties.

The next step is to get rid of the distractions. Phones, computers, television and even books can distract you from being present with your meal. Too often we eat in a hurry, an entire meal consumed in 10 minutes. We don’t pay attention, we don’t really taste our food and it’s as if we didn’t eat, so we want more. That leads to overeating.

Mindful eating it is not about what you eat but how you connect with what you eat. Most people find that when they really pay attention to eating, their eating habits change. You may become aware of how certain foods affect your body or emotions. You will rediscover your own body’s wisdom about eating and health.

So start with your next meal. Stay fully present with your food and you will most likely enjoy it even more.

Try these simple methods to incorporate mindful eating into your lifestyle. 

~ Set aside time to eat your meals. The amount of time is not as important as making the time mindful.

~ Can’t take a leisurely lunch? Eat mindfully in short spurts. Be present with the time you have.

Take time to pay attention to your food. You will reduce overeating, manage your weight, reduce your risk of diabetes and your digestion will thank you!

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