How to Build a Crystal Grid

Lots of you wanted to know more about crystal grids after reading about my experiences in my blog “The Crystal Grid.” I told you then that I am no expert but I know who to call. So here is a guest blog from my good friend and rockhound Stephanie Sidora about how to build a crystal grid.


Imagine a being of energy, full of light, warmth and healing; a being who was created by cosmic force, molten heat and cool waters. A being older than you and I, who knows the history of the earth because they were there. Now imagine that you can hold this being in your hand getting lost in its color, its facets, its patterns and feeling the power within. You would think such a wondrous being could be capable of many things, especially drawing the power to manifest anything. Now imagine creating a network or circuit of several of these beings to bring forth the answers you need. This is the purpose of a crystal grid.

To make a grid you need four things: who, what, where and how.


First we will cover the who, this step is interchangeable with the what as you will read further on. I find more often than not when I am planning to build a Grid, the who will make itself known long before I pin down the what. The who is the crystals needed to make the grid. They are wise and will show themselves to you even before you need them. Many people interested in crystals ask what each crystal means or it’s purpose. I will tell you “I don’t know, what do you think it’s purpose is?” The stone found you and if you just listen with your heart and gut, you will know. So the next time you are walking around and you run across a stone and he says, “Hi, I’m Fred and I am here to help you with your healing.” Don’t ignore him because he is just a black river rock. Scoop Fred up, Say thank you Fred and take him home and add him to your healing work. Ok good, so now I’ve got you talking to rocks or at least listening to them.

All grids should have a center stone or a “generator”. This is the stone that will be the one to push all of the intent and energies out into the universe. There are many different versions of generators, some man-made, some not, the main thing is to have a point facing up towards the heavens. You should have a balanced grid, so the stones you set on one side of the generator, should also be the same on the other side. A grid is like a circuit and the stones need to connect in order to combine their energies and send them outward. You can make your grid any size you want, just make sure they are laid out in a circuit leading back to the generator. You will also need an activating wand, this can be made from whichever material you choose, my preference is a selenite wand.

When you have found all of the crystals that will be set in your grid, it is time to show them some TLC. Cleansing the crystals first is just a way to make sure they are fresh for this new task. There are lots of ways to “clean” crystals, my preference is to stick them in a netted bag and let them rest in Mother Earth for the night, who doesn’t want to sleep at home the night before a big job? Another way that some prefer is place them in a singing bowl, crystals have a vibration to them so being cleansed by sound is beneficial. If you choose to cleanse with water please do your research, some stones will be damaged by water or salt.


This is one of the most important things needed for a grid, your intent. Before you begin any grid you must figure out the what, or the intention. What the heck do you need a grid for? Sure they are super pretty but what are you wanting to accomplish? What are the energies, needs, thoughts or feelings that you are trying to send out into the universe? A grid can be set for most anything, the sky is the limit, you can combine intent, for one of my grids I combined prosperity and self-love and health. Sound complicated? It sin’t. Here is a picture of that grid.



So let’s talk about the base, where are you going to place your grid? As you see from the picture above, my grid is on a marble slab, stones for the most part dig hanging out with other stones, which is a nice place to put a grid but it is not the only place that works. The place you set your grid should be a sacred place, cleansed of negative energies. A spot that is undisturbed, I cannot always vouch for the undisturbed part of my rock altar, my cats love to rearrange the stones. To the best of your ability make sure it is in an undisturbed area. If your grid is for your family or for work, the more central the better, get those energies flowing out all over the building. As for where you place the grid, this is up to you, this includes on Mother Earth herself.

OK on to placement, grids work by tapping into the power of the Earth grid. The energies always flowing all around us, are laid out in a geometrical grid. How many of you have heard about Sacred Geometry? I am just going to lightly cover this. Sacred Geometry is the term used to explain the perceived relationships between geometrical laws and quantum mechanical laws of the universe that create the geometrical patterns in nature. Mouthful I know. Basically the naturally occurring patterns that form shapes in nature, such as shells, pinecones, and cell division at conception. Having said all this, laying out your grid in one of these patterns is a preferred choice. There are plenty of shapes to use to lay out your grid, spirals, hexagons, or infinity symbols for just some examples. The possibilities for that are also endless as long as there is a flow and connection between the crystals in your grid.

After you place your crystals in the grid as you want them, it is time to activate the grid. Starting from the outside of your grid move your wand over the outer stones and towards the generator stone along the pattern you set. Have you ever set up an electric circuit in science class? This is basically what you are doing now; creating a current between the stones. Take your time and speak your intent as you move along the grid in a clockwise fashion, working inwards toward the center of the grid. At the center, send that energy upwards! Take in a deep breath and smile, you have just activated your grid.

Leave your grid up as long as you want, making sure to recharge it periodically with your wand. When you feel it is time to take it down, thank the stones for their help, cleanse them and put them away for next time.


So after all your hard work, take some pictures, these make great memories and they can help with maintenance. Keep your pictures along with a journal. Write down all of your findings, notes about set up, intentions and how well did it all work. Would you do this grid again, what would you change?

Remember the Universe has given us all tools we need, so don’t be afraid to dive in, and bring your own crystal grid to life.

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