Your Self Care Review

The start of a new year is often a time of reflection and introspection. A time to set goals, create vision boards and start shiny new planners.

And the perfect time for a Self Care ReviewTM.

Balanced health requires that we are both reactive and proactive. Being reactive is easy, when we realize something about our health is out of balance we respond by doing whatever is necessary to correct the imbalance. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Being proactive about health is less common. I recommend doing a Self Care ReviewTM yearly as part of your proactive plan for staying healthy and well.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen by accident. You need to systematically review the things you are doing to stay healthy, keep the stuff that works and get rid of what doesn’t. Health needs can change over time so a regular check in is vital.

A Self Care ReviewTM is customized to each individual person but there are some basics that are relevant to everyone. Here are a few of the things that I cover with my clients during a review:


Healthcare Binder: If you don’t have a binder now is the time to create one. (Click here to read my blog “How to Make a Healthcare Binder”) Review your binder for accuracy and update as necessary.

Tests: Make a list of any screenings that are due this year. Things like colonoscopy, blood work, mammogram, dental care, vision, etc.

Review each of the following:

  1. Prescriptions: Each one should be evaluated for its benefits, side effects, value and relevance. Muscle testing is recommended.
  2. Supplements: Each one should be evaluated for its benefits, side effects, value and relevance. Muscle testing is recommended.
  3. Diet: Are you getting the most from your nutrition? A food journal may be necessary to get a better picture.
  4. Exercise Routine: Do you get enough of the right kind of exercise? Mixing up your workout can boost your metabolism.
  5. Stress Level: Make an honest assessment of the stress that you are under in your life right now. Fix what you can.
  6. Spiritual Care: What are you doing to feed your heart and soul? Explore ways to energize your spiritual practice.

Evaluate your relationship with your healthcare team. Are you happy with your doctor or is it time for a change? Is your pharmacy giving you the best value? Does your wellness coach provide new perspective and help you reach your goals?

Update your healthcare directives. Review your healthcare power of attorney to make sure the right person is taking care of you. Make any necessary changes to your living will and legal will.

If you are ready to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle the supports your health goals then a Self Care Review TM is a perfect place to start. Make your health a priority and it will stay with you for years to come.


Could you benefit from being at a healthy weight, having less stress, better sleep and more energy? Would you like to have feelings of peace and a greater sense of purpose?

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