The Underlying Message

I had a moment of embarrassment as I drove my dirty pickup truck down the street into the historic neighborhood. A recent light rain had left muddy splatter marks all over the truck. I made a mental note to look for a carwash on the way home.

The house number above the door confirmed that I was at the right address. Built in the 1920’s the house had almost as much charm as the woman I was here to meet. The doors and windows were open to enjoy the cool morning breeze.

She called my name as I walked up onto the porch and greeted me with a hug. She is petite in physical form but hugely vibrant in looks and energy. Her smile always reaches her eyes and her sense of style is bold. She is a very successful businesswoman and works with women who run million dollar businesses.

Me and my dirty pickup are obviously out of place here.

I met her first as a NAWBO sister and then later shared full moon Labyrinth walks at the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center together. I love her energy and her laughter.

It was at a recent NAWBO luncheon that she unexpectedly offered me a free coaching session. She seemed to have surprised herself with the offer and I quickly accepted her generosity. I didn’t know what to expect from her but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity.

Her house was definitely a reflection of her personality, with bold accents and colorful flair. The outdoor space included a small Labyrinth and a heart shaped topiary that needs a little trim.

When we settled down to work she told me that she never does free sessions but she had been guided to do this one for me. I caught the underlying message…this was a one-time deal and I had better make good use of it.

I love coaching and being coached. It always brings a new perspective on things.

It started out just as I expected, where are you now, how much money do you make and what are your struggles. It didn’t take her long to recognize the uncertainty going on in me right now.

I was caught off guard when she asked about my health. She had followed my breast cancer journey and even though we had spoken about it many times I was surprised that it came up now, after all, this was a business coaching session. I told her I was fine.

Questions and answers about my business flowed back and forth but the breast cancer kept coming up. I shared some of my fears and some of my triumphs. She gently pushed me until the tears started to flow.

She was a good coach. We talked about business and about life and how the two are interconnected.

On the way home I replayed the session in my head and tried to remember the important stuff. It feels like something big is just around the corner.

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