The Birthday Text

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a wonderful day filled with friends, family and walking in the woods. Many people sent cards, posted on my facebook page and texted to wish me a happy birthday.

Of all the texts I received there was one that stood out. It was from my Aunt Mary. It started out as a simple happy birthday text she sent to me. When I responded with a thank you this is what she sent next…

I remember your mom when you were expected.  She is the only lady I know who LOST WEIGHT while expecting!!! She really watched her diet so you would be healthy.  She had several jumpers she wore before & continued to wear them.  Everyone thought she was just a couple of months because she never looked like she was expecting a baby until the last few weeks before you were born.  After you were born she looked kind of skinny not like she had had a baby. 

YOU on the other hand took a couple of weeks to become a beautiful baby.  You were hungry!!!! You were never satisfied until you had about doubled your weight!  It seems your mom did a great job on her diet so it allowed you to develop great bones & everything but fat!  Sorry my dear but just born you looked like a doll that had been rung out.  Your skin seemed to be twisted over you with lots of wrinkles.  If you had waited a week or so you would have filled out but by then you would have been grown!

 Once you filled out you didn’t insist on eating all the time, in contrast you didn’t seem interested in food often.  You were interested in everything around you.  My Daddy loved to stand by your crib & talk to you.  You paid close attention & seemed to know just how & when to respond.  You were that way with most everyone but especially to your Grandfather.  It was amazing to be in another room & listen.  Your responses were right on target!  Your sounds appeared to be, “yes, no, what, maybe, well, etc”.  You were delightful!

 I wish you could have known you Grandfather longer & not as a sick old man.  He really loved you.  You were his first grandchild!  He always claimed Tiny’s children, but you were Mark, his son’s child.  You were special.  You still are special, one of a kind.

 I remember calling the hospital checking on your Mom.  I even got a doctor at the UF clinic to call & talk to the head nurse to get some detail.

I adored you especially after you could walk.  You were like my sons, heavy to hold.  People who held you for any length of time were strong & loved you very much.  Some loved you very much but were not strong enough to hold you unless sitting down. 

 You are made in God’s image.  He made you & loves you.  We love you but HE loves you best.

 Your old aunt who remembers you dearly & wishes she could see you.  Do you suppose we could do a zoom sometime?

Hope you & Tom are doing well.

I laughed and cried while reading it the first time. But then when I read it again, I saw glimpses of who I am now in this 57-year-old memory of my aunt’s.

I’m still a good listener. And I have strong bones.

Definitely one of a kind.

But the part that resonated the most with me was being heavy to hold. It’s still true today, people who hold on to me for any length of time are strong and love me very much. Others love me but have to sit down to have the strength to deal with it.

I’m gonna go schedule a zoom call with my Aunt Mary….

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