Staying Grounded

A key part of wellness is having the ability to be still. To bring all the pieces of yourself back together and integrate them into wholeness. No small challenge in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, scattered or unfocused. Be a mountain.

Being a mountain allows you to reconnect with the earth and draw from her strength. Being a mountain grounds you deeply in the moment.

So how do you “be a mountain”?
• Stand or sit comfortable
• Inhale deeply and exhale completely. Continue mindfully breathing for about a minute.
• Imagine the most beautiful mountain you have ever seen, either in person or in a picture.
• As you visualize your mountain, let your body become the mountain. Feel the solidness, strength and majesty. Take on the qualities of the mountain.
• Rest in your mountain body for a few minutes. Remain unmoved by any thoughts, fears, worries or other things around you…just as the mountain is unmoved.

When you feel ready open your eyes and move gently.

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