Humming Bee Breath

This quick and easy breathwork can be done anywhere and is a great way to reduce stress and increase energy.

The Humming Bee Breath is a simple way to clear the mind of excess clutter. Our ability to think clearly is often compromised by random thoughts racing around the mind.

This exercise soothes negative emotions such as anger and anxiety and helps lower blood pressure. By plugging the ears a vibration is created from the sound. That vibration helps relieve physical tension held in the body.

Humming Bee Breath

  1. Inhale, and place your index fingers in your ears, blocking out noises around you.
  2. As you exhale, keep your mouth closed and make a humming, buzzing sound with your mouth. Keep your fingers in your ears as you exhale, holding the exhalation as long as possible.
  3. Feel the sound vibrate around in your head, clearing out any stagnation or tension.
  4. Repeat the breath several times.

When you finish the practice, notice how your mind is calm and clear. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious try the humming bee breath.

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