Bloom Where You Are Planted

Recently a client was in my office for a wellness session and we were discussing lifestyle changes for her particular issue. She recognizes the benefits of minimizing illness and embracing personal growth so we work together on a regular basis.

In our discussion about herbs she caught me off guard with a question. Did I miss the Appalachians mountains where I had studied to be an herbalist?

A profound yes came rushing out of me. I miss the wide variety of plants; the Appalachians are second only to the rainforest in the amount of medicinal plants that grow there. I miss the changing seasons and lightning bugs. I miss restaurants that know how to fix grits and the mindfulness I experienced cutting grass on a riding lawn mower.

I was surprised by the depth of my answer.

And a little scared. My answer made it sound like I was miserable here.

We wrapped up her appointment but I couldn’t shake the energy from that interaction. I needed to look deeper at this.

Am I miserable here? I pulled inward and really looked at some of the things that I thought weren’t going my way.

There was a list of things that I deemed unjust and hurtful, struggles that seem insurmountable and an inability to live up to my potential. People have disappointed me, menopause is kicking my ass and so many dreams are unrealized.

And I still get triggered by the color pink.

But a funny thing happened while I was at the pity party.

Gratitude walked in.

When I got tired of listing all the things that were going wrong I felt my energy shift. I had poured out the darkness and the emptiness that was left behind began to be filled with the light of gratitude.

It was like a movie playing in my head, images of people I love and things that touch my soul flashed across the screen. My energy felt lighter and a smile came to my face.

I got the message clearly.

“Bloom where you are planted.”

Of course, Spirit would talk to me in a plant metaphor.

I still miss the wide variety of plants and a good bowl of grits but I really bloom when I am creating sacred space and helping women learn to trust themselves.

So I’ll keep doing that.


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