Anatomy of Wellness

Life is indeed a beauty to behold for a person with the right mindset and an enabling lifestyle that promotes robust wellness. In fashioning perfect days for the long run, there is a certain standard you have to uphold. Today your vital organs could be at their best, but it is not a guarantee of perfect health tomorrow. With the right practices however, you can create your own wellness.

Wellness does not only entail responsible eating habits and maintaining a physical workout routine. It also includes an enabling attitude to life and a positive mental disposition.

Sustainable Seeping Patterns

Sleep cycles have to be consistent for your body to be invigorated before embarking on your daily routine. Without enough sleep, your vital organs get into overdrive which leads to fatigue and loss of mental sharpness. This makes you ineffective in any work environment and a couple of hours end up feeling like a lifetime.

Poor sleeping patterns often cause people to binge eat leading to complications like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases in the long run. It will definitely show on your body with visible bags under your eyes, grogginess and premature aging. A good night’s sleep for a minimum of 7 hours goes a long way to set your day straight.

Morning Stretches

Not everybody is a morning person and for most people, they struggle to wake up and when they do, they are like zombies around the house. Stretching is beneficial for different muscle groups and joints. It also improves blood circulation to the entire body and stimulates a pleasant mood.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, stretching lets you start your day with a burst of energy, makes you more flexible and also enhances your coordination. Stretching is an instinctive response for all human being and helps improve your posture.

Wholesome Meals and Hydration

How you feel through the day is greatly influenced by the food you eat. Balancing between proteins, fiber, nutritious carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins readily found in fruits will sustain your energy levels all day. If your hours only allow for one complete meal a day go for a heavy breakfast as it will keep you full for the better part of the day.

It is Important to plan ahead for meals to avoid stuffing yourself with junk food. There is no nutritional value in eating processed food and due to their high salt content, they leave you susceptible to high blood pressure. Junk foods, on the other hand, overworks your vital organs and makes you feel hungry and fatigued after a short while.

Your healthy diet should include proper hydration throughout the day. Drinking 2-3 liters daily is not only refreshing but also elevates your moods. All organs depend on water to function smoothly and great days demand efficiency from all your systems.

Routine Exercise

Workout is the secret to a long happy life. It also improves the quality of your lifestyle. Having an exercise routine that you actually enjoy gives you the vigor to handle any challenges coming your way and lets you look good while at it. Exercising also increases your bone density and boosts your overall immunity. Breaking a sweat after a long day is a great way to unwind and stay healthy.

Managing Stress

An active life is often accompanied by stress which may take a toll on you if you lack functional coping mechanisms. There are multiple ways of dealing with stress as it happens. Breathe regularly and stay composed to have a clear mind that can solve problems rather than escalating the situation.

Wellness is the sum of all the little efforts that create the right environment for you to thrive. It is vital to maintain a positive self-image and treat yourself kindly, because loving yourself makes life worth living.

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