Plant Spirit Journey

It was a lazy Sunday morning when I glanced out the window and saw my agave shooting up its bloom stalk. I cried “oh my gosh”, grabbed my sweater and tore out the door. I went straight to the plant, excited at the prospect of witnessing this amazing process; I cautiously felt the stalk coming from the center of myAgave colorata. The energy it was giving off was very purposeful and full of life. Although I knew this event signaled the end of the plant’s life cycle I couldn’t help but be excited at the transition.

Agaves are not cacti, but succulents of the yucca family, more closely related to amaryllis and other lilies. Edible parts of the agave are the flowers, leaves, stalks and the sap. The blooming stalk is called an inflorescence, a botany word that means cluster of flowers on a branch, and can reach up to 30 feet tall.

Agave has powerful anti-bacterial medicinal properties, making it beneficial for treating wounds. Traditionally, the Aztecs made a poultice from agave syrup and salt, using it to dress wounds.

I took the opportunity to do a plant spirit journey with this blooming agave and it was very powerful. A plant spirit journey is a form of meditation that connects you with the plant.

As I was trying to get settled for our journey I realized what a sacred gathering was guarding this plant. In front of it were three barrel cacti, two fishhooks and a golden, while a young Saguaro stood as a silent sentry. A large Jojoba bush provided cover for the rabbits that came to pay their respects.

I asked for permission to join the honored group that stood guard. Each cactus reached out and caught a piece of my skirt as if to welcome me. I untangled myself and settled into a comfortable spot, allowing my mind to quiet and my breath to deepen.

As the world began to fall away I could feel the energy of the Agave and it radiated with joy! This plant knew its place in nature and was happy to live out its purpose; death is merely a place in the cycle. Unlike humans, this plant does not mourn this transformation but instead is focused on creating a dazzling display before it goes. As we journey together I became aware of all the excited plant divas hovering around. There was a celebration among the plant spirits, they are here to honor this once in a lifetime event.

I found myself receiving strength and guidance from this plant. It soothed my soul and helped me feel more grounded. It gently reminded me that I am a divine part of nature.

It gave me a simple yet empowering message, just keep growing and you will fulfill your purpose.

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