Natural Aphrodisiacs

Humans have forever been in search of the perfect aphrodisiac. From ancient to modern times almost no culture, primitive or civilized, has been without its cornucopia of love foods and potions.

The term aphrodisiac comes from Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sexuality. Aphrodisiacs are substances that excite sexual desire or enhance sexual performance. They include not only substances taken internally but also visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory stimulants…in short anything that inspires sensuality is an aphrodisiac. In fact if you work to combine what is seen, heard, felt and make it smell good you may not even need an internal stimulant. Create the right atmosphere, with the right person and love blooms!

For most people there is nothing more stimulating than a partner who is warm, nurturing and willing to explore options that work for both partners. Every person is different in his or her needs and desires. Communication is really key.

Ancient literature is filled with references to aphrodisiac foods. Probably the first known sex stimulant was human body odor. In 19th century rural Austria, eligible ladies would keep an apple slice crammed in their armpits during dances. At the end of the evening, the girl would give her sweat soaked apple slices to the guy she fancied. Eating the apple slices meant he was interested. Can I just say….gross!

Cleopatra was well known for her seductive ways. She used perfumes and oils made of bear grease. Aphrodite’s sacred totem was the sparrow so ancient Greeks consumed the heart, brains and other parts of the sparrow as aphrodisiacs.One Roman physician named Galen recommended warm, moist foods that produced a lot of flatulence. He believed that such foods could create erections as easily as they created gas.

These may sound a little crazy and far fetched but even modern man has been known to have some wild ideas about what can create passion. Remember a few years back when everyone was talking about the power of green M&Ms?

In today’s society aphrodisiacs mean different things to different people. The most potent aphrodisiac known to man is the human brain. We can use all the tricks to create the right atmosphere but if our mind is busy thinking about other things we are not present and we diminish the experience. Sensuality is definitely a place for the combining of mind, body and spirit.

Looked at from a holistic approach, aphrodisiacs are not so much about kicking yourself into gear for a one time performance, as it is creating better health so you have the desire and stamina to have a healthy sex life at all times.

Aphrodisiacs can be different things to different people. Aphrodisiacs can be stimulating, relaxing and nourishing. One person may need to feel more relaxed to be able to feel more sensual. Another person may need to be stimulated to feel more aroused. For yet another person the best aphrodisiac can be starting the day with a good, nourishing breakfast.


If you are anxious and tense about an upcoming date it doesn’t make sense to give you a stimulant. There is such a thing as too stimulated. So in that case a good relaxant is in order, not too much to slow you down but enough to relax your muscles and allow for good blood flow to all areas of the body. Try relaxing herbs.

If you are overworked and stressed out, wanting just to lie down and rest your weary bones then a stimulant may be just the ticket. There is a wide array of stimulant options like inhaling essential oil of rosemary or basil. Chocolate is also a stimulant, raising our endorphins and our spirits. Use stimulating herbs.

If you feel depleted, exhausted or stressed out and are not feeling responsive or interested then regular, nourishing herbal tonics would be your best bet. Combined with rest, tonics can restore proper functioning of the body and increase vitality. Regularly use nourishing herbs.

Beyond herbs there are other natural sexuality enhancers:

• Get regular exercise – known to increase endorphins and enhance mood
• Don’t smoke – smoking constricts the arteries, reducing genital blood flow
• Drink responsibly – alcohol is a central nervous system depressant
• Manage your stress – stress reduces libido

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