How a healing crisis can be a good thing

We could feel the weird energy in the room even before we got started. The laughter had a little nervousness to it; one woman felt nauseous and needed to step outside for some air. The first timers looked uneasily at the experienced people in the room, worried that they were in over their heads.

It was our monthly healing circle. Open to everyone, our circle brings together healers with years of experience, ones are just starting to hone their skills and brave souls that have never done any healing work and don’t know why they are coming but feel called to be there.

Our group that night represented a wide range of health, some of us felt great with no issues, others felt overwhelming stress, a few were struggling with pain issues and even serious chronic illness. But no matter how they felt personally each person in the room was willing and eager to offer assistance to others.

Our healing circle comes together to give and receive energy work and that night our group was big enough that the experienced people could help the newcomers feel more comfortable. We put the newbies on the tables first so they could receive energy work and get over any nervousness about being there. The evening began to flow normally and the energy settled.

Until I got to the last woman.

She has a history of serious illness. She faced terrible odds….and beat them. To look at her you would not know that she had come very close to death.

But I could feel it as soon as I put my hands on her.

The energy in the area of her body that had been affected was chaotic. It felt like the energy wanted to jump out of her body. The energy was so palpable that even the first timer working with me could feel it.

The longer I worked on her the more the energy balanced but I knew there was going to be a cost.

I stayed in the area that had been most affected by her illness and I began to get a metal taste in my mouth. I knew from many years of practice that what I was experiencing was coming from her. As I kept my hands there I could feel a sense of agitation, anxiety and worry.

But I couldn’t let go.

With my eyes closed I concentrated on the Universal energy that was flowing through me and allowed it to pour into her.

Time stood still.

Together, she and I rode that tide of energy. I knew that major changes were taking place and that her body was eager for the balancing. Eventually I felt the energy change from chaotic to calmer. Her breathing relaxed and her face softened.

When my awareness came back into the room I knew things were different. I gently brought her back and told her to take her time getting up.

But I knew it wasn’t over.

After the session I took her aside and told her what I had experienced. She confirmed that she used to get the metal taste in her mouth during treatments for her illness and shared how the energy had felt to her during our session together. In that moment she felt calmer, more relaxed and physically better.

I didn’t want to scare her but I knew I needed to warn her. She had experienced such profound energy work that I knew there was a strong possibility of a healing crisis.

A common occurrence when we undertake a detox program, a healing crisis can also be brought on by intense energy work. While the name sounds ominous and the symptoms can be inconvenient, a healing crisis signals advancement towards healing.

It occurs when the body gets strong enough to deal with the cleansing and regeneration needed to improve the overall health. The body tries to eliminate toxins at a faster rate than we can deal with them.

The more severe the illness, the more pronounced the healing crisis may be. Symptoms can occur immediately or within a few days.

In her case it was the next day. Fortunately I had prepared her and told her to call me if she had symptoms. I wasn’t surprised when she called.

Her symptoms cleared up in a few days and she is feeling better than before. The crisis has passed and she still considers me a friend. There are many twists and turns to any healing journey.

Symptoms of a healing crisis:

• Fatigue
• Diarrhea
• Chills
• Aches and pains
• Irritability
• Headache
• Nausea
• Build up of mucous
• Trouble sleeping
• Sinus congestion
• Strong emotions or mood swings
• Skin eruptions

Have you ever experienced a healing crisis? Share your experience in the comments below.

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