Flooding the Studio

Many of you have asked how we were affected by the recent flooding in New River. Here is video of the flood water overtaking Tom’s art studio.

Water did get inside the building. Fortunately there is no damage to any of the art projects he is currently working on. There is quite a bit of mud to be cleaned out and some items that were on the floor will have to be trashed. It is still early in the cleanup to know the extent of damage to the building itself. We know the walls got a few inches of water up them but the foundation is concrete and unharmed.

The grounds of the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center have taken a beating this week. Paths have had canyons cut into them from the massive amounts of water and the Labyrinth has washed out in some places. Stacked timber was taken 100ft downstream where it was left in a heap, blocking the parking lot entrance.

Today the sun is shining and things are drying. Life can be that way sometimes….one day you’re underwater and the next day you’re dry.

Right now we are focused on gratitude. There are more storms on the way, there always are. When the storms pass we’ll turn our faces to the sun and dry off again.

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