A Supportive Calendar

The page a day calendar sits nearly empty on the counter. It started the year full of empowering messages meant to inspire me. Just like life, some days were better than others.

I can remember when the calendar was full of pages and the year was new. Each day a page is torn off one by one until it is empty. At the end of the year all that remains is the supporting structure that held the inspiring pages.

Such a powerful metaphor for this year. It seemed like every day something else was torn away. Some days were inspiring, some missed the mark.

And everything was held up by a supportive structure.

A supportive structure of love.

The structure was built by our family, friends and community. The foundation was secured with every supportive card, call, text or email that came in. It was reinforced with hugs, tears, laughter and authenticity.

The structure gained strength with every client that continued to come and donations from persons both known and unknown. A compassionate medical team was woven into the structure as well.

Through everything the structure held strong.

Even in the darkness when I couldn’t see it.


One of the last calendar pages reads:

“Broken crayons still color”

That one really does inspire me. I have felt broken many times this past year, but I still got to color a few pages.

Outside the lines of course.

As this year’s calendar draws to a close, reflect on your own life to see who and what are a part of your structural support.

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