4 Tips for A Happy Fairy Garden

We needed a new house.

Not for us….for the fairy garden.

Check out this video of the newest fairy house.

My fairy gardens are intended to be a place of peace and to inspire a sense of wonder. I hope everyone who sees them finds something that touches their heart.

The first one I made at the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center was the result of many planting failures in the same spot. It is a beautiful 2 tier rock walled flower bed that creates a great space where I desperately wanted to plant herbs.

That space faces due west and the rock creates so much heat that the roots get overheated and the plants die.

After several years of disappointment I decided to put in a fairy garden instead.

It started innocently enough. First the river was laid out to flow through the village and culminate in a lake, blue marbles make the river shimmer in the sunlight.

There were some missteps in the beginning. I wanted the houses to have thatched roofs so I covered them with moss from the craft store. Birds and rabbits stripped it all off in a day. Now we just use paint.

The village that started with repurposed birdhouse and watering can houses today has its own Labyrinth, chicken flock, crystal cave, witch’s hat cathedral, community garden, dragon guards, gnomes, Stonehenge, an outhouse and more! Gemstones and other little surprises are tucked in all over.

The most important thing to remember when creating a fairy garden is to truly make it a home for fairies. They may have a light playful energy but they can be disruptive if not treated well.

Here are some tips for keeping the fairies happy:

  • They like water. Make sure there is some representation of water in your garden. I use blue marbles to create a river in one garden and have a washtub to represent it in a different garden.
  • They love glitter. Occasionally sprinkle small amounts of glitter around your fairy garden to add some sparkle.
  • It has to be fun. Use lots of color and unique items to make it interesting and playful.
  • Spend time there. If the light is just right and your energy is open you might just see a fairy!

A fairy garden can be large or small, indoors or out and be as elaborate or simple as you desire. A little house can be placed in a potted plant for an easy indoor garden. Outdoors, living plants can be incorporated into the space. In fact after many years I got some Rosemary to thrive in the very spot where nothing would grow before the fairies moved in.

The interest in fairy gardens has exploded in the last few years and accessories are now much easier to get. Craft and hobby stores sell items designed specifically for the fairy garden enthusiast, everything from houses to sidewalks.

Some of my personal favorites are handmade or repurposed items. Think outside the box for your fairy garden items and you won’t have to spend big bucks. Thrift stores are a great place to find creative pieces. Rocks and other natural objects make great focal points.

Don’t forget the holidays. Just like my human house, my fairy gardens get decorated for different holidays and other special occasions. Maintenance, repairs and weeding are also sometimes needed to maintain a happy garden.

Bring a little magick into your life…create a fairy garden!

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