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Do you value good health and personal growth but find it difficult to eat perfect and maintain a guru-like meditation practice?

Would you like to be inspired and empowered in a way that fits your busy lifestyle?


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H3 is dedicated to helping you be happy, healthy and heart-centered.


Of course, you want to focus on your own personal growth and be inspired. You want self-care be part of your routine. You want to live from your heart.

Who wouldn’t.

But life is busy already. There is always something or someone else that needs your attention. You really could use a few more hours in the day.


What if the means for personal growth, inspiration and self-care came to you? What if it showed up consistently and without deadlines or rules?


No pressure. No judgment.


Just simple strategies with lots of love and encouragement.


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So, what’s the catch? 


You must be willing to try some new things. New ways of thinking and being.


You must give up the belief that everything has to be hard.


The H3 Community is a place of grace and ease.

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To make things easy, all materials are delivered right to your inbox

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Best of all you get everything for only $20 per month!

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If you’re still reading chances are you are the kind of person that already helps make the world a little brighter. By joining the H3 Community you up the illumination!

You see, your membership dollars are used to fund the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center, a sacred space for those looking to experience a sense of peace and belonging. Your participation in the H3 community makes a positive impact on others.

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Even the billing is easy with recurring payments simply and securely each month through paypal.

Designed to be flexible, you can jump into H3 any time. But don’t wait…you don’t want to miss another opportunity!

Easy and inexpensive. Why wouldn’t you?

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