How to know if a Wise Woman Day is for you….

  • You value good health and personal growth but find it difficult to eat perfect and maintain a guru-like meditation practice.
  • You want to get a jumpstart on the path to confidence and inner wisdom
  • You would like to be inspired and empowered in a way that fits your busy lifestyle
  • You want tools to create a more meaningful and balanced life
  • You want to make healthy choices for your body, mind and spirit

You will leave energized and ready to take action on the next phase of your journey. The lasting effects of spending this focused time on your own personal development and self-care are invaluable. You will become more empowered and able to make decisions from a place of love and compassion instead of guilt and obligations.

I will work with you on:

  • Discovering your gifts: Find your passion, authenticity and unique gifts that only you can share.
  • Personal Health: Determine the best lifestyle for your body’s needs.
  • Stress and Energy Management: Assess your energy level and learn how to manage your energy so you can live your life less scattered and exhausted.
  • Self Confidence: Uncover the thoughts and feelings that cause you to doubt yourself and diminish your light.
  • Happiness: You were created to be happy. Explore the areas of your life that leave you feeling happy and the ones that don’t.
  • Your specific challenge

If you are serious about experiencing the best moments of your life; if you are ready to think deeply, act powerfully and be healthy then a Wise Woman Day is for you.

If you’re not ready to invest fully, including your willingness to change, that’s totally okay. A Wise Woman Day does require deep personal work so it is not for everyone.

But if you feel genuinely excited by the idea of working with me in person to make lasting change and true transformation in your life and are really ready to receive support, encouragement, accountability and inspiration, take my hand and I’ll show you the path.

A Wise Woman Day includes:

  • 8 full hours of individual attention at the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center in beautiful New River, Arizona
  • 2 private coaching calls
  • Personalized Self Care Strategy Plan™
  • Healthy nutritious lunch, snacks and herbal teas
  • 60 days of unlimited access to me via email so we can be in contact as much as you desire so you’ll be able to implement your strategies and celebrate your success