The 11th Way to Better Gut Health

If you read the blog 10 Ways to Better Gut Health you already know how important your gut microbiome is and by now have probably tried at least one of those ways. (Click here to read the blog)

Let’s pretend you haven’t gotten around to trying one of those ten yet. You haven’t forgotten about them, but you are a very busy person.

You’re in luck. I saved the easiest for #11.

It’s simple, free and very effective.

Watch this short video to see #11 in action!

See what I mean? Simple.

Self care doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to do it.

When you are done with #11, click here for delicious food recipes that also support gut health.

Would you like to have better gut health but you’re not sure where to start? Click here to book a free discovery call with Dr. Melanie.

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  1. Linda King
    Linda King says:

    Dr. M,
    I have done this simple massage for 20 years or more and just thought it helped my digestive issues and bowel movements more naturally, but seeing you verify this makes me feel more confident about how in tune with my body I really am.. thank you for the #11! I’m doing things right!
    Thank you for these awesome recipes!


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