Energy Healing 101


The human energy field is an aspect of each of us that affects everything we do. Long held to be an actual physical fact in eastern culture, most people in the western world are just beginning to notice this subtle dimension of reality. In this workshop we will explore the incredible realm of energy and how we can use this knowledge to make our lives easier as well as more manageable, interesting, and joyful.

After first examining a growing body of scientific studies, this workshop will teach the practical application of this knowledge through various modalities and exercises. Using many different techniques you will learn to see, feel, and manage your own personal energy.

You will discover the art of centering and grounding to increases your sensitivity to energy. You will learn how to stay neutral in the presence of negative energy and how to transform hostile energy into something more harmonious.

As you learn how to manage your own energy in relation to that around us, you can begin understanding how to make the shifts necessary to bring more love, joy, and creativity into your life!

Tuesday, March 28th
10:00 – 12:00pm
Dahlonega, GA

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