But despite your best efforts something has come up that requires surgery or medical intervention.

You feel a bit of nervousness. You do your research and empower yourself with knowledge about your medical issue. You get a second opinion, making sure this is the best option for you.

You feel confident in your medical professionals and agree to the procedure.

Now what?

Holistic Surgery Support is designed to give you the best possible outcome for any medical procedure or surgery. Integrative therapies are used to enhance your immune system, reduce your stress and anxiety, focus on positive outcomes and speed the healing process.

Compatible with any medical procedure, Holistic Surgery Support has no dangerous side effects and supports your body’s own natural healing process.

Techniques are included in this program to help you alleviate anxiety and feel empowered before, during and after surgery. You will be an active participant in your own well-being and have holistic tools to help you prevent recurrence and sustain ongoing health and healing. You will also need a support network of family and friends to help along the path to wellness. This program includes instructions for caregivers, focusing everyone on your recovery.

Holistic Surgery Support includes:

  • 2 in-person or phone sessions with Melanie prior to your procedure
  • Distance energy during your procedure to support you and your surgical team
  • 1 phone session with Melanie after your surgery
  • Instructions for caregiver
  • Rescue Remedy flower essence
  • Lavender aromatherapy inhaler
  • Email and text support as necessary for 30 days

Together we will give you the best possible outcome!