“This is the power of gathering: it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive.”
Alice Waters

Full Moon Labyrinth Walks

Every month on the full moon Melanie facilitates a walk at the Peaceful Spirit Labyrinth that is both introspective and spiritually uplifting.

A diverse, fun group of men and women gather under the desert full moon. We are drawn together for this walking meditation that not only solves problems, but also clears the mind, calms the soul, mends the heart and heals the body.

Whether you are new or an experienced walker you are invited to share in the special walks held at the Peaceful Spirit Labyrinth. Walking the Labyrinth is an infinitely repeatable activity; each walk however, will be unique and distinctly different.

No two walks are ever the same, yet the pattern and the process are always constant. Unlike a maze, the Labyrinth is a one path design, there are no wrong turns or decisions to be made. Much like the surrender to walking a sacred spiritual path in life, your only decision is to take the first step.

Women of Peaceful Spirit

This is a powerful opportunity to connect with women in a way that allows you to share your story and learn what inspires other women. We meet on the second Saturday of each month.

Don’t stress about the arrival time…we gather together from 3-4pm, you can arrive any time before 4:00. We begin promptly at 4pm.

Worried about dinner? Don’t be….our gathering is a potluck. Bring a dish to share and we will continue our conversations over food. We will wrap up our gathering at 7pm.

Although the format is simple, the work will be deep. There will be love, laughter and maybe a few tears. You can expect to be awakened, engaged and inspired! All women are welcome and you don’t have to attend every month (although we are like potato chips….once you get started it is hard to stop)!

Red Tents

Red Tents are a coming together of beautiful feminine souls which have the common bond of being women. We learn from one another, we laugh with one another; we take time to just be.

Red Tents reclaim a sacred space in women’s lives that support us to nourish ourselves and take time out of our busy schedules. This experience provides us with a quiet space in which to focus our attention inward. An opportunity to reflect and let go of anything in our lives that no longer serves us or things we want to change. Women have the opportunity to spend time quietly in the Red Tent and may choose to meditate, use the oracle cards, draw, journal, nap or share stories.