Why Cancer Coaching

Everyone knows someone with cancer.

It may be a family member, coworker, friend or even you.

In this case it was me, my husband, my best friend’s mother, and too many of my friends to count on one hand. While we had different cancers, treatments and outcomes, it was obvious there was more to our healing than just surgery, chemo, radiation and drugs.

True healing happens with coaching.

Cancer treatment today is very different than it was for our grandparents. Today we can live longer and healthier during and after a cancer diagnosis.

Pharmaceutical treatments are becoming more targeted every day and advances in technology have made testing more accurate. Research has confirmed the benefits of using complementary therapies in cancer care.

By far the most important thing we have learned about cancer care is the importance of treating the whole person, not just the disease.

That is why cancer coaching in so powerful.

I became a cancer coach to help you navigate the physical and emotional journey of cancer treatment and recovery..

How Cancer Coaching Helps

With a cancer diagnosis comes an endless list of medical doctors that you must see.

Those doctors are focused on your disease. They run tests, schedule procedures and tell you what they think the cancer is doing.

When you work with me as your cancer coach, the focus is on you…the whole you.

Working together helps you:

  • Navigate an overwhelming diagnosis
  • Explore all your options in conventional medicine and complementary therapies
  • Express your ups and downs in a safe environment
  • Choose the right doctors for your specific needs
  • Upgrade your diet and lifestyle for optimum health
  • Cope with treatments and side effects
  • Manage stress and integrate mindfulness
  • Rebuild health and wellness after treatment
  • Focus your time and energy on key areas that have the greatest impact on your health

A safe space to explore all your options, Dr. Melanie Dunlap will help you create a personal plan for healing.

She offers support for those currently in treatment, for survivors and caregivers.

When You Need A Cancer Coach

No matter how you slice it….cancer treatment is hard.

It is physically demanding and emotionally overwhelming. Making treatment decisions, managing personal relationships and planning for recovery depletes your energy.

You can do this, but you don’t have to do it alone. Here’s when a cancer coach can help you:

The Call

Hearing a cancer diagnosis is scary. For just a moment everything stops. You stop breathing, you can’t think, and you don’t hear the next few words that come out of the doctor’s mouth. When that moment ends you know that life has changed forever. Fortunately, there is a resource to help you navigate this unexpected call.

Blending years of formal training with personal experience, Dr Melanie easily breaks down your cancer and what is happening in your body into terms you recognize. The more empowered you are, the better you heal. You will get real life strategies for navigating your unique journey. Dr. Melanie will help you start preparing now for a positive outcome.

On The Trip

You’re currently in treatment for your cancer, you need knowledgeable support and someone to translate medical jargon into something you can understand. You want to be holistic in your treatment, but you need help to separate fact from fiction when it comes to alternative and complementary therapies. You know there are natural ways to treat some of your side effects, but you don’t have the energy to figure them out on your own.

You need Dr. Melanie as your cancer coach. Visiting a medical doctor today is a whirlwind event, an average of fifteen minutes long, you are often left dazed and confused. A visit with Dr. Melanie is 4 times as long and leaves you feeling calmer, more knowledgeable and with action steps that support your healing.

Coming Back

You’ve reached the end of conventional treatment, alive but battered. The frenzy has died down, but you still aren’t yourself. You’re left wondering what happens next.

Now is the time to get your health and wellness back on track. Working with Dr. Melanie can help you manage the residual side effects of treatment and begin the journey to nourish and rebuild your body. You will learn natural remedies to clear toxins and promote healing. Discover how to use mind, body and spirit practices to not only survive, but thrive.

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