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Keep it Natural

Easter is my favorite holiday. The weather is soft, plants are blooming and critters of all types are preparing for their young. It is a time of creation and fertilization. And it is always close to, or on my birthday. Easter is like that….it moves around. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the […]

Play as Self Care

I acquired a hot tub. It had long been a dream of mine to have my own hot tub and someone actually gave us one! For many years I had been telling people I wanted a hot tub and finally it happened that a friend of a friend wanted to get rid of one. There […]

Corn in the Toilet

You’ve seen it hundreds of times. Even those of you that don’t want to look…you just can’t help yourself. It is actually a good and necessary thing that you check your bowel movements and recognize what is normal for you. Don’t be afraid or grossed out….okay sometimes maybe grossed out. But the key to staying […]

Follow Your Dreams

Yesterday we celebrated 8 years of full moon Labyrinth walks. Our little Labyrinth in the desert has hosted 3223 people for those full moon walks. Numbers that all blow my mind. Creating sacred space where people feel inspired and empowered has long been a dream of mine. I’ll admit….it hasn’t been easy. There was a […]

Brittlebush Crown

Spring has come to the desert early this year. Our unseasonably warm weather has pushed the blooms to full yellow along the sides of the highway. Please tell me you’ve noticed. Life is hectic and we are rushing to and fro but hopefully you have seen the beautiful yellow blossoms waving from the side of […]

Natural Aphrodisiacs

Humans have forever been in search of the perfect aphrodisiac. From ancient to modern times almost no culture, primitive or civilized, has been without its cornucopia of love foods and potions. The term aphrodisiac comes from Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sexuality. Aphrodisiacs are substances that excite sexual desire or enhance sexual performance. They […]

Energy Rich Foods

Your days are long and the responsibilities complex. Work demands, family needs, financial pressures, running a household, personal relationship, staying healthy….all a part of daily life. A vast majority of adults suffer from an energy deficit. You try to be the energizer bunny and just keep going and going. Things are going smoothly and then […]

The Color of Snot

Kids have no trouble looking at their own snot. As adults we don’t want to be caught looking in the tissue after we have blown a big wad out of our nose. But you should look. Your body is designed to make mucus, and lots of it. You produce 1 to 1 ½ quarts of […]

Eat those weeds!

A weed is considered “any wild plant growing where it is not valued”. How can you not value every bit of green that grows in the desert? Yes some plants command your respect by stabbing you when you are not paying attention, but the miracle is still evident. I consider every plant that grows to […]

Need to know basis

It is the end of another year, a time when we are encouraged to look back and pick out the highlights….maybe a few lowlights too. While you are remembering the joys of a milestone or the regrets of having missed an opportunity, take the time to also take an inventory of your health over the […]