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Modern Day Goddess

We are just days away from our annual AZ Goddess Conference and the energy is palpable. I look forward to this weekend all year. This year I am especially grateful for the love and support that the women always bring to this gathering. But what does it mean to recognize ourselves as a Goddess? In […]

How to Build a Crystal Grid

Lots of you wanted to know more about crystal grids after reading about my experiences in my blog “The Crystal Grid.” I told you then that I am no expert but I know who to call. So here is a guest blog from my good friend and rockhound Stephanie Sidora about how to build a […]

Crystal Grid

Lately crystal grids have been showing up in my life. I’m familiar with the concept of crystal grids but never really worked with one. Until recently. I love crystals and have them all over the house. I know the names of most of them and the properties of about half of those from memory. Big […]

Blood Sugar

While your body has mechanisms in place to maintain stable blood sugar, there are many nutrition and lifestyle strategies that you can implement to help it out. Maintaining stable blood sugar will improve your overall physical and mental health. Blood sugar is the measure of the amount of sugar in your blood. You need the […]

Crying Tears

Recently I was reading through the final proof of my upcoming book, Uncertain Grace, when I realized how much I had mentioned crying in the book. The whole experience was an emotional roller coaster and I often expressed not only my sadness but also my sense of overwhelm through tears. Crying is a part of […]


Cortisone shot. Just hearing the words can cause a visceral reaction in the body. If you’ve ever had one it hurt, if you watched someone get one it looked like it hurt. If you tell someone about getting a cortisone shot, they will eagerly share the painful details of their own experience. I watched my […]

Roadrunner Totem

There’s a song from the 1970s with a line that says “sign, sign, everywhere a sign”. You may be familiar with the song. But are you familiar with all the ways that signs are showing up in your life? One way that signs can show up in your life is through the animals that you […]

Boost Your Mood

While we know bad moods can lead to bad eating habits; it’s also true that bad eating habits can lead to bad moods. Food can impact our moods because of two factors. First, the nutrients are the building blocks for everything in our body, including mood-regulating “neurotransmitters.” Second, what we eat affects our blood sugar […]

Healthy Food Healthy Body

If you work with a wellness coach you know that one of the first things we talk about it nutrition. What you put in your mouth has an impact on how much energy you have and how healthy you feel. At first my clients are intimidated by the idea of changing the way they eat. […]


It seems the universal sign for meditation is a flexible person sitting in a cross-legged position with their hands in a finger touching pose. It looks beautiful and serene. That’s not how it looks on me. If I try to sit cross-legged my hips cramp, my knees won’t go down and my ankles hurt from […]