About Dr. Melanie



Melanie Dunlap has long heard the call to be a healer. A simple herbal workshop started her journey into natural health. She became a master herbalist, got into energy work, massage therapy, and a few other modalities, and worked her way to a Doctor of Naturopathy degree.


Then suddenly the healer needed healing. Out of the blue, Melanie was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a devastating blow, but the universe doubled down when not too long afterward her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer as well. In her book, Uncertain Grace: One Couple’s Journey Through Cancer, Melanie recounts the fear and hope of cancer treatment and the whole person care that brought her and her husband back to health. Drawing on her training and southern grit, Melanie found creative ways to combine traditional cancer treatment with herbs, energy, and ceremony to heal them both in body and spirit.

As a result of her experience with cancer as a survivor and a caretaker, Dr. Melanie became a cancer coach. Her goal is to bring a more holistic approach to the cancer journey, not in place of western modalities, but along with them.

In her practice of more than 20 years, Dr. Melanie blends herbs, intuition, and knowledge to give her clients practical and inspired guidance on their journey to wellness for conditions of all kinds. Working individually or in groups, Dr. Melanie helps her clients reach new heights of self-awareness.

Nationally recognized as a leader in women’s empowerment and holistic health, Dr. Melanie runs The Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center In New River, Arizona, winner of the 2017 Best Natural Healing Center and featured on ABC15 TV, Voice of America Radio, podcasts, and print media. The Center is known nationally for its full moon labyrinth walks, women’s circles, red tent retreats, and annual AZ Goddess Conference. Much of Dr. Melanie’s work is women-centered, offering a safe space for women to learn, grow, laugh, and renew their spirits.

Dr. Melanie Dunlap is a dynamic speaker and sought-after workshop facilitator whose authentic style and southern charm inspires and uplifts. She has helped thousands of people find their path to a healthier, happier, and more heart-centered life.

Get to know Melanie by reading her fun and informative blog about natural health and lifestyle medicine at www.MelanieDunlap.com.