10 Years of Labyrinth Walks

Where does time go? Time really is a spiral and not linear as our calendars would have us believe. How else could it stand still and go by fast at the same time?

I pondered this thought in the preparations for our 10th anniversary celebration of Full Moon Labyrinth Walks. It seems like only yesterday that we had the crazy idea to put a Labyrinth on the property and invite people to come walk it each month under the full moon.

And yet here we are 10 years later. A lot of life has happened in those years. Everything from joy to sorrow has been felt during Labyrinth walks. And there has been more than just the full moon to celebrate. Babies have been christened, women have been croned, loved ones have been memorialized and marriages have been performed on this Labyrinth.

The Peaceful Spirit Labyrinth has touched many lives, over 4000 people have walked with us under the full moon in the last ten years. We are grateful for each one of them.

Here are some memories from the last 10 years with quotes from those touched by the Labyrinth.



Do you have a special story about the Labyrinth? Share it with us in the comments below.


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  1. Frankie Pepper
    Frankie Pepper says:

    Some treasured memories I have of the 8 years I lived in Arizona was participating in the Full Moon Labyrinth Walks. It was so much more than quietly walking in a circle. So much more. My soul was fed. I always left the center filled with peace, calm and clarity of purpose. I recently moved back home to Michigan to be with my children and grands. I miss my life in AZ but this where I belong now. I will never forget the time spent with Tom and Melanie. You guys are my people and I am yours. Always. With love and thanksgiving, Frankie Pepper


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