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Metabolism & Calories

Do “calories” really count? Well, yes they do, but they’re not the only thing that matters when it comes to how much you weigh and how much energy you have. In other words it’s all about your metabolism. In a nutshell metabolism is how you take in oxygen and food and use them for energy, […]

Smiley Face

Tom stood looking in the bathroom mirror, “draw a smiley face on it” he said. Always seeing with an artistic eye, he was referring to the white gauze bandage at the base of his throat that he wanted us to draw on. He thought it would be funny to have a smiley face peeking out […]

Sea of Emotions

Hearing Tom be diagnosed with lung cancer was more devastating to me than my own breast cancer diagnosis last year. I can see myself as broken, but not him, he’s invincible. He’s strong, smart, kind, funny and caring. He’s my hero. It felt like I had been punched in the stomach. He handled it with […]

Tom’s Unexpected Path

Over the last few years Tom has been growing into the artist he wants to be. More and more customers want custom pieces and have kept him busy with orders. He always has a project going, a cabinet, table, woodburning or bowl….anything in wood. That’s his happy place. But it takes a lot of work […]

Hormones, Energy & Weight

Are willpower and self-control the real solution to low energy and high weight? Maybe not. It might actually be your (powerful) hormones. And we’re not just talking about sex hormones here; we’re talking about the hormones that directly affect your blood sugar, metabolism, and appetite. Things that actually control your energy and weight. Let’s go […]

Get More Fruits and Vegetables

Yes, it seems everywhere you turn health and wellness experts are telling you to eat more fruits and vegetables. You totally get it. Yes, they’re full, and I mean FULL, of nutrition (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, etc.). Yes, people who eat more fruits and vegetables are protecting their bodies and minds from just about every […]

Spleen Love

Have you ever thought about your spleen? When it comes to the internal organs there seem to be superstars and one stepchild. You’ve been told to keep your heart healthy, detox your liver, be kind to your pancreas, breathe deep for your lungs and eat good food to maintain your stomach and intestines. Yet there […]

Negative Ion Fan

The loud ticking sound and lack of air movement made it obvious that our old tower fan needed to be replaced. Fans get a lot of use in the desert and this one was no exception, it had blown for years. What should have been a simple task of replacing it, turned into a hunt […]

5 Common Blood Tests

In last week’s blog, Patient Ordered Blood Tests, I talked about direct access for laboratory tests. You schedule the test, take the test, and get the results sent directly to you, all without needing a doctor’s order. A great option for those of us wanting to take a leadership role in our own health. But […]

Patient Ordered Blood Tests

The average adult has about 100,000 miles of blood vessels and over a gallon of blood in their body. Known as the circulatory system, the blood is pumped through those miles of vessels by the heart. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients needed for the tissues and organs as well as removing waste products. Because blood […]